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Christians - words

itre : words
Interprete : The Christians
Paroles et musique : H. Priestman et S. O'riada
Annee :1989

Rem7 - Sol - Fa - Sol - Sol7
Rem7 - Sol - Fa - Sol - Do

Lam - Rem - Fa - Sol
Lam - Rem - Fa - Sol


If i could find [Rem7]words
To tell you i'm [Sol]sorry
Make you [Fa]understand
I mean just [Sol]what i say [Sol7]

After all that i've [Rem7]heard
Why should i [Sol]worry
When we [Fa]ride the fine [Sol]line
Between [Do]love and hate

If i had been [Rem7]wise
well how could i [Sol]doubt you
now i'm [Fa]all alone
my life in [Sol]disarray [Sol7]

but try as i [Rem7]might
i can't live with[Sol]out you
so i [Fa]cling to the [Sol]hope
of a [Do]bright brighter day


oh i [Lam]know we've been [Rem]through this all be[Fa]fore
how [Sol]can i prove my love for you is [Lam]real
no i [Rem]can't do any[Fa]more [Sol]
if i could only find [Do]words


Fa - Sol - Fa - Sol

[Fa] (and still he has dreams)
[Sol] and still i must learn to cope
[Fa] (absurd as it seems)
[Sol] i still have hope

Fa - Sol - Fa - Sol - Do


if i had good sense
and heed all the warnings
i would let it be
and leave all well alone

but there's no recompense
for waking up mornings
feeling sure it's myself
who's the foolish one


yes i know we've been through this all before
how can i prove my love for you is real
no i can't do anymore
if i could only find
if i could only find
if i could only find words